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Diane Mac Gowan

My love for textiles began when I was a young girl, watching my mother choosing and handling fabrics, cutting, pinning and sewing. I began my career as an art and textiles teacher in London ( where I was born) and have since lived and worked in various countries around the world. I moved to The Perche in 2012, where I have taken inspiration for my current work. The colours and textures of the countryside throughout the seasons lend themselves perfectly to the medium of textile design. My work is a celebration of colour in nature and although it is to some extent representational, it leaves enough space for personal interpretation. I love drawing and painting and always work from what is in front of me, never from photographs. I like the experience of observing the object or the scene, enjoying the shapes and textures and watching how the light affects the colours. I like to work with pencil, pastel, watercolour and acrylic. My early fascination with pens and nibs led me into a love of calligraphy, which I have taught to children and adults as well as having worked to commission. It gives me daily pleasure as even the simple task of addressing an envelope gives me the chance to create something beautiful.